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August Donation Special & Weekend Special for 08/09/2014 through 08/11/2014

Saturday, 08-09-2014 01:22:48posted by: Rattlehead
This special will be for the month of August
All donations will receive x4 tickets.
(regular ticket amounts found on donations page)
Be sure to check out our 4 option weapons and 10% All Resist
NOTE: All options on weapons and armor are included in the price of the items

Weekend Special - August 8th through August 11th
Weekend Special

Donations made through Paypal will get Double the below special

Donations Made through Western Union will get triple the below special

All donations of 50 will also receive an extra 30k tickets, all donations of 100 will get 75k extra tickets, and all donations of 200 will get 200k extra tickets. enjoy!
For those players that cannot donate we have implemented some things for them to get tickets:

  • BitCoins for donations - There are several ways to aquire BitCoins, here are a few:
  • Referral System - We also have a referral system that players can get package specials for referring new or inactive players:

Member Pack A (12.00)

2080 Total Tickets
Member Pack B (24.00)

  • 3 FREE Crit Gems
  • 4 FREE Pass Mavs
  • 4 FREE Tatum Mavs
  • 40 FREE greens
  • 4,000 D-Coins
  • 10,000 extra tickets

11,800 Total Tickets
Member Pack C (50.00)

  • 4 FREE Crit Gems
  • 5 FREE Pass Mavs
  • 5 FREE Tatum Mavs
  • 5 FREE Cho Mav
  • 40 FREE greens
  • 9,000 D-Coins
  • 17,000 extra tickets

25,520 Total Tickets
Member Pack D (85.00)

  • 4 FREE Crit Gems
  • 6 FREE Pass Mavs
  • 6 FREE Tatum Mavs
  • 5 FREE Cho Mavs
  • 50 FREE greens
  • 17,000 D-Coins
  • 26,000 extra tickets

39,000 Total Tickets
Member Pack E (100.00)

  • 4 FREE Crit Gems
  • 7 FREE Pass Mavs
  • 7 FREE Tatum Mavs
  • 6 FREE Plat Mavs
  • 60 FREE greens
  • 20,000 D-Coins
  • 35,000 extra tickets

51,000 Total Tickets
Member Pack F (200.00)

  • 8 FREE Crit Gems
  • 8 FREE Pass Mavs
  • 8 FREE Tatum Mavs
  • 6 FREE Cho Mavs
  • 120 FREE greens
  • 40,000 D-Coins
  • 70,000 extra tickets

101,000 Total Tickets
PLUS an extra 50 special!

Monthly Raffle Information
Winner Information

1st Prize Winner will receive 150k tickets to the account of your choice
2nd Prize Winner will receive 50k tickets to the account of your choice

This raffle will be held between the 15th and 20th of the next month.
The winners will contacted through their paypal email address submitted in the claim or the email address on the account if Western Union or Moneygram was used.
Raffle Ticket Information

  • Donations of 24: 1 entry per donation
  • Donations of 50: 3 entries per donation
  • Donations of 85: 4 entries per donation
  • Donations of 100: 6 entries per donation

  • Please be sure you send a claim from the accounts page, if you do not send a claim that is properly filled out you will not get your tickets until you do!!!

    • The tickets are added MANUALLY and cannot be added until an owner is at their PC so it could take up to 6 hours before they are added.
    • Sending 25 claims WILL NOT get them added faster, it actually makes the process take LONGER as an owner will have to go through EACH claim.
    • Sometimes the claim page will hang after you send it, but the claim DOES get sent, so please do not keep sending them.
    • If more than 2 claims are sent for any one donation you will be forced to wait 24 hours before your tickets will be added.

  • Please be sure you include the paypal email address, and please be sure you send the confirmation, transaction, or receipt number that paypal sends you in ur email NOT THE PHONE NUMBER TO PAYPAL OR THE ITEM NUMBER!!!

  • We are now also accepting Western Union and MoneyGram payments for those of you that cannot use another method, please be sure you send your full name and city/country in claims for Western Union or Moneygram.

Weekend Special

Saturday, 05-03-2014 12:11:06posted by: Rattlehead
Weekend Special

To start, all donations of 24 or more will get DOUBLE the May Special as well as extras as stated below:

Donations of 50
  • 25,000 Bonus Tickets
  • A free pair of wings of your choice*
  • A random free gift

Donations of 85
  • 42,500 Bonus Tickets
  • A free pair of wings of you choice*
  • A free 2014 defender ring*
  • A random free gift

Donations of 100
  • 50,000 Bonus Tickets
  • 2 free pairs of wings of your choice*
  • 2 free 2014 defender rings*
  • 1 free maxed out character (a PM to me will be required)
  • Guild name color for guild of your choice (a PM to me will be required)
  • 2 random free gifts

Donations of 200
  • 100,000 Bonus Tickets
  • 2 free pairs of wings of your choice*
  • 2 free 2014 defender rings*
  • A free 3 option set of armor of your choice*
  • 2 free maxed out characters (a PM to me will be required)
  • Guild name size for guild of your choice (a PM to me will be required)
  • 3 random free gifts

Also, all donations will be put into a random drawing to win a FREE 100 May Special!!! Winner will be announced next week here on the forums.

This special will end at 5/12/2014 24:00 server time

(* extra tickets will be placed on your account to get the bonus items and you will be given enough tickets so that you can pick 4 options for them.)

- Updated for login
- Fixed aloken and segu party bugs

-DW 250 dragon orb Is now fixed
-Aloken 250 Dragon Spear is now fixed
-DW Shield bug is fixed
-HB Shield bug is fixed
-DW & HB skill sounds have been fixed

-EA orob calf fixed /removed its mob

65.01.36 - 65.01.37
-Restored loa back to normal. -Nerfed the BR token 2 by 10 %. -Added some new monsters. -NEW Defender! Stats are 80% Max Shield 40% Max HP 170212 Shield recovery and 10% movement speed!
-Also added some new wings that you will see later! - Fixed the Weapon stats! also Nerfed the attack on them. -Feed back is welcomed and encouraged ! Tell us what you think on the forums!