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If you have donated and not received your tickets pls read

Thursday, 07-02-2015 12:41:43posted by: Rattlehead
i accidentally deleted the claim sent to me over the last week like an idiot, could you please resend your claims

New Account Page Released - read for details

Wednesday, 07-01-2015 03:53:41posted by: Rattlehead
the new account page is live, atm there are a couple things to be aware of:

first thing is that some gems arent going in to some armor pieces and/or weapons, this will be fixed tonight, expect server restarts a couple times tonight
also some things are invised, as well fixed tonight

as for the account page,

- referral system has been disabled, this will be enabled after i get the in game stuff fixed
- there are no candies in the vote shop, these will be added after i get the in game stuff fixed
- apparently the change email and password isnt working properly, ill have this fixed as soon as i can, pretty sure its something stupid i missed, should be an easy fix
- the character builder isnt up yet, still have some work to do on that
- gem removal removes all gems, not just donator gems, gems will be mailed, and as before items must be in ur personal shop to have gems removed
- only the highest level armor set are on the shops, to save room for upcoming armor sets
- vote shop now has armor, weps, rings, wings, etc with options, not as good as the itemshop, but still pretty good, fi we see that we are not getting votes on the vote site, we will disable the vote shop until we start getting votes again, so be sure you are doing the captcha on the vote site correctly to get us vote, votes and coins will be being watched to ensure we are getting votes according to the dcoins being given.
- voting 2 times a day per IP will result in 11,310 dcoins in 30 days, as the amount per vote increases with every vote.
- ticket amounts and donation amounts have changed, be sure you take a minute to take a look at them, for the most part ticket amounts have increased.

with that said, every month i will be releasing some custom items for specials, these items may be rings, weps, armor pieces, etc, they will have customized stats and only a few will be given out to the first few to donate during the specials, this month is when it will start, today actually

for the first 3 to donate 55 this month i will be giving out a special 2015 defender ring, it will have customized green stats on it, and will come with 4 options of your choice and gems of your choice for free, the first 3 will go by person, not donation, so if you donate 3 times, you get 3 rings, and it will only count as 1 of the first 3

for the first 3 to donate 100 this month i will be giving out a special set of bracers (2 bracers per set), with customized green stats, and with 4 options and gems of you choice for free, as above the first 3 will go by person, not donation.

this special is for donations made from today 7-1-2015 until friday 7-3-2015 23:00. all dates and times are based on server date and time.

i will make a formal special post when i have time, but this special will be starting right now

i will be adding donations made previous to the account page opening within the next hour, please be patient, and if you have any issues or concerns please PM me, i will answer them as time permits (unless its to ask if previous donations get this special, they will not, and PMs pertaining to this special for past donations will be ignored, sorry just dont have the time atm)

Update 1.1.12:
The following things were changed in this update:
LOA map was changed back from Xmas theme to Original theme.

1.1.10 - 1.1.11
1.1.10 - full update from release up until present

1.1.11 - 2015 Rings

Last of the updates using old launcher
you will now use 'NLauncher' to update and open the client with