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21:00 12/13/15
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Updates and Fixes

Thursday, 11-19-2015 12:58:54posted by: Rattlehead
ok, so its been a busy week for me.

i have the character builder up, it will be a button found on the characters page, select a character, down at the bottom by the stuck button is where you will find it.

i have also fixed siege, it will be every saturday at 10:00 server time, this was a suggested time to try and have it during a time when most players will be on, this time can be reworked if need be, let me know if we should start a poll about it

on the character builder you will see we have 2 new character tags, the idea behind this is there will be maps only players with said tags will be able to get to, they will only be accessible through the website once i have it all ready to go, they will basically be duplicates of maps we already have but with different mobs, drops, NPC teleports etc. still hashing out the details but some of the maps have already been added to the client and server, but we havent put any of the stuff on them yet, as drops are my next big project.

also, changing your name via the website will NOT remove your tag anymore, the tag will remain. on that same note, once you have a tag, you will not be able to remove or upgrade it so be sure its the tag you want when you get it, but if you PM me and are nice about it i may remove your old tag so u can get another.

since i have freed up some time IRL i will be working diligently to fix bugs so be prepared for lots of updates in the coming weeks, as always suggestions are welcome, but do keep in mind just because you suggested it, does not mean it will be implemented so dont get butt hurt if it isnt

with that said, i have one more thing i need that i just dont have time for, i need some images from in game for the itemshops, but i have some specifications:

1) no images that are bland; get a pose-able shot not just a shot where u are standing upright straight on, thats boring and makes it ugly if you can get it at a good angle and ffs get something nice in the background, then that would be great.

2) image has to be the best quality you can get it, must be saved as a PNG (24), and must be;
- 282px(width) X 418px(height) for wing, armor and weapon images
- 284px X 220px for things like gems, belts, rings, etc
if they are not comparable to the images already on the shop, dont bother sending them, my images arent all that great, so i wont be putting anything of lesser quality on the shops.

3) images must be named EXACTLY like the item is named, and underscores ( __ ) must be used in place of spaces
example; 'Some_Grand_item.png'
please exclude the prefixes 'Magic' 'Noble' 'Divine Noble' as those are not part of the name.

failure to adhere to these specifications will result in said images to be trashed

if i use your images on the shop, you will get credit on the forums for such and also a donation package (amount depending on the amount of your images i use, but will be nothing lower than 30).

thx for taking the time to read all of this

- Rattlehead

Updates 156 - 158

Wednesday, 11-04-2015 10:33:16posted by: Rattlehead
added 3 maps back to game; Loa, Braiken, and East Ares found on Jerome in Ardeca.
changed level 245 weapons to level 187.

Update 1.1.12:
The following things were changed in this update:
LOA map was changed back from Xmas theme to Original theme.

1.1.10 - 1.1.11
1.1.10 - full update from release up until present

1.1.11 - 2015 Rings

Last of the updates using old launcher
you will now use 'NLauncher' to update and open the client with