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Update on account page and donations

Monday, 06-29-2015 02:41:31posted by: Rattlehead
tomorrow i will be releasing the new account page, its 3:30am my time and i need some sleep, when i wake up i will finish the few things i have left and release it

there have been a few ppl that have donated from the special, and i will add your tickets once the accounts page is released

also, i have extended the current special due to the time its taken me to complete the account page, and due to the fact there are still "first 3' slots open for both 50 and 100;

ill post once its up and ready to go, thx for your patience ;)

Open Beta Release - Read For Details

Tuesday, 06-23-2015 09:08:21posted by: Rattlehead
You can download the new client from the 'join' link on the main website - Arch Nemesis Client

**UPDATE 6/25/2013**
1) still working on new account page, should have it up in a day or so
2) on the new account page will be an option to transfer your high level gears
3) noticed someone saying some rings are still level 250, this will be fixed in a day or less (prolly less)

Before I begin listing things that need to be known, I want to take this time to remind you guys that the current special will be in effect until 6/24/2015 6:00 server time, I will repost it here:

To donate using Paypal and credit/debit cards - [url=""][/url]

Donations of 30 will receive -
75,000 tickets
1 free bracer of their choice
10k dcoins
200,000 dil

Donations of 50 will receive -
160,000 tickets
1 free armor belt of their choice (with options)
500,000 dil
20k dcoins
and one character of their choice maxed to level 200 full rebirth and birthrite

Donations of 100 will receive -
300,000 tickets
1 free armor belt of their choice (with options)
2 free bracers of their choice (with options)
1mil dil
50k dcoins
and 2 characters of their choice maxed to level 200 full rebirth and birthrite


In this release there are bugs, we know about most of them already, but I will list a few of the major ones here:

  • The Dragon Knight does no damage when hitting with just her weapon, she will do damage with her hands and her skills, just not with her weapon only, this is being worked on
  • Dark Wizard, Concerra, Seguriper, Half Bagi, and Dragon Knight cannot enter DK Square. So to combat that dilemma for the time being I have enabled Elonohm Dungeon to give grade points when killing mobs so that these classes can rank up. This is as well being worked on.
  • Some items are not in drops yet this will be adjusted as soon as time allows, as some of the other issues take priority.
  • 180 Skills are not on the skill tree but will be added ASAP.
  • Some of the wings are pink, this is something I thought had been done but noticed was not so this will be fixed as soon as Hostal has time or if need be I get time to do it.
  • There are some maps that you can't access atm but we plan to have most the maps accessible as soon as possible

Also in this release a few things will change. I will list them here:

  • The new level cap will be 200
  • The new stats per level will be 13
  • Elonohm Dungeon gives P Points and G Points
  • The vote shop will have armor and weapons on it with options
  • Item shop Ticket Vouchers will drop on dungeon bosses - These will be able to be used on the Ticket Shop (These are not in yet but will be very soon)
  • Updated Ticket,Vote Shop & Accounts Page (I am in the process of working on this now)

If you find a bug not listed here please post it in the bug section and please look to see if it's already been posted before you post it. Please be detailed in your post. " It ain't working" is NOT detailed. Attach screenshots where needed.

Update 1.1.12:
The following things were changed in this update:
LOA map was changed back from Xmas theme to Original theme.

1.1.10 - 1.1.11
1.1.10 - full update from release up until present

1.1.11 - 2015 Rings

Last of the updates using old launcher
you will now use 'NLauncher' to update and open the client with